Silver Dollar Georgie Porgie

Geaorg, male Old Time Scotch Collie

Born: 4/16/2016
Sire: Silver Dollar’s Captain Kirk
Dam: Silver Dollar’s Kay-Nine
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me and my scotch collie

George is a real solid dog. Loving and playful with his family but protective and wary of strangers. He makes a good guard dog with a scary bark (worse than his bite believe me). He is smart, learns fast and wants to please but is not overly sensitive as some OTSC are, a little more on the hard-headed side. Some times I have to yell to get his attention but when I get it he does obey if reluctantly. He has a great recall and I can call him back even if he is chasing a rabbit. This lovable oaf thinks he should be a lap dog although his size makes that impossible.