Our Dogs

We raise Old-Time Scotch Collies, the last of an old and proud breed. You can learn more about this rare dog breed at www.scotchcollie.org. They have many useful abilities like herding and hunting but by far their most useful traits are intelligence and biddability combined with their calm, non-hyper temperament.

Heritage Cecily Cardew

Born: 6/4/2016Sire: Thornhill West’s ManiDam: Heritage Golden AutumnLink to registration page Cecily was bred and raised in our house, she is the sweetest dog ever and is in our opinion just about the perfect dog. I hope, Cecily, I shall not offend you if I state quite frankly and openly that you seem to me to

Silver Dollar Georgie Porgie

Born: 4/16/2016Sire: Silver Dollar’s Captain KirkDam: Silver Dollar’s Kay-NineLink to registration page George is a real solid dog. Loving and playful with his family but protective and wary of strangers. He makes a good guard dog with a scary bark (worse than his bite believe me). He is smart, learns fast and wants to please but is