OTFS Puppies Expected Soon

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Heritage Majestic Shasta

My trip to Tennessee in September is bearing fruit. Shasta is now obviously pregnant and I received her paperwork from the NKC recently so we should have a litter of NKC Registered Old-Time Farm Shepherd puppies before too long. We are really excited about this litter because they will be 44% Allison’s Old Bob-Tail Shepherds, if you don’t know the amazing history of these dogs, one of the last pure lines of Old-Time Scotch Collie in America, you should read the story. Most farm collies from this line go back only to Dunrovin’s Ole Shep, but these pups will combine Ole Shep’s blood with that of 2 of his littermates, Little Bit and Rover.

Strunk's Dunrovin Rover II

To tell you a little about the genetics of these dogs, I don’t know a lot about their health history except to say that they seem to be long lived. Dunrovin’s Rover lived to be 15 and was siring puppies at 13 and Little Bit also lived to around 14. They are a bit smaller than the average farm collie, I don’t have exact weights or measurements, but I would estimate that Rover II is approximately 3 or 4 inches shorter than Shasta, so the puppies should be on the small side. There is bob-tail and merle in their pedigree, I am told that these traits are dominant and only pass on parent to child so we aren’t expecting these qualities in this litter. Rover’s sire was bob-tailed and his dam is merle.

Shasta is registered PRGN with the American Working Farmcollie Association, she has worked at herding, guarding and hunting vermin around the farm. Rover has been used for squirrel hunting.

Shasta's NKC paper

Rover's NKC paper

What is an Old Time Farm Shepherd like?

Of the 158 registered dogs at American Working Farmcollie Association at least 44 have Dunrovin’s Ole Shep in their pedigrees, that is 28% of all AWFA dogs. This says something about the working quality of these dogs since the AWFA registers dogs on merit alone. Richard McDuffie described them this way “The dogs we have are in the 40-50 pound range. Some may get larger but most don’t. They have almost human intelligence, being able to figure things out and respond appropriately to unusual situations. They are very people-oriented but distrustful of strangers. The are territorial and natural protectors of property. They are natural stock dogs… They are natural heelers but do not have the tight-eyed crouching style of the Border Collie.”

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