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May 4th, 2010

Shasta’s Pedigree

Parents GrandParents Great-GrandParents Great-Great-GrandParents Great-Great-Great-GrandParents Ford’s Chesney Buddy Breeder: Sheryl Chesney Owner: Burl Ford ESC Reg #: UKC: P495-323 IESR: ARF: DOB: 2003-09-22 Color: Sable & White OFA Hips: PennHIP DI (L/R): Chesney’s Dr Vestige Rebel Breeder: Owner: Sheryl Chesney ESC Reg #: UKC: IESR: ARF: DOB: Color: OFA Hips: PennHIP DI (L/R): Dunrovin’s Ole Shep Breeder: ESC Reg #: UKC: IESR: ARF: Color:

May 4th, 2010

Pictures of Rainier and Siblings

Tonya (who is much better at getting good pictures of the dogs than I) took some real nice pictures of Rainier last week. You can see them at His breeder has posted a photo gallery of Rainier’s litter, you can see it at