Shasta growing up

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At 6 months old our farm collie Shasta is really growing into a fine dog. She gets more beautiful every day, her adult coat has come in with a nice full ruff, and she holds herself with such poise, she really acts like the queen of the farmyard.


our farm collie waching over the flock

She has started helping me to move the sheep and is doing better all the time. Sometimes she gets too enthusiastic and gets ahead of the sheep, even running into the fold ahead of them. Yet, for the most part she does a bang-up job at helping move the sheep and seems quit intuitive as to what I am doing.

Last week I was working out of town and one of our ewes and her lambs got out so Tonya had to wrestle the obstinate ewe back into her pen. So while Tonya was struggling with the ewe, Shasta moved the lambs into their pen and held them there.

Shasta obeys commands very well, sometimes she is reluctant to obey when something exciting is going on, but overall she obeys very well for a 6 month old pup.

She guards the place well, barking at any strangers that come around and any neighbor dogs that venture too close. She spends lots of time watching the sheep graze with interest, alert to any disturbance and patrols the property looking for anything out of place.


farm collie protecting the farm

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