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Heritage Delightful Delilah, 4.5 years old, intact but likely unable to conceive. Has been a wonderful family pet but changes in our life mean we must rehome her at this time. We are located in Tucson but can deliver her to southern California. Born 10/5/2019 Sire: Silver Dollar Georgie Porgie, Dam: Heritage Cecily CardewDelilah’s pedigree

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The Scotch Collie has fallen far. In 1890 it was ubiquitous, in the city as well as the countryside, it was valued for its sagacity, its bidability and its loyalty, to say nothing of its talent at herding stock. Yet like many things in the past century, the Scotch Collie fell out of fashion and was replaced by fancier dogs, in an age when a dog’s value was measured by the length of his pedigree and not by his abilities or instincts the Scotch Collie lost out to the modern Rough Collie, the Border Collie and a myriad other breeds.

In the 1980s several breeds of rural dogs that time had passed by were in danger, in that decade the St. John’s Water Dog met extinction despite the efforts of certain people to save it. Similarly the Scotch Collies, by the 1980s were nearly gone, it was then that a few individuals who remembered these great dogs began looking for them. Erika DuBois in Canada and Richard McDuffie in the U.S. were two such individuals. Eventually a few Scotch Collie dogs were located in remote and isolated pockets, these have been crossed with closely related breeds, mostly English Shepherd and Rough Collie, to try to keep the breed alive without too much inbreeding.

Old-Time Farm Shepherd

Our situation today is better than it was in 1994 when Richard McDuffie bought the last four pups of the Allison line, but not a lot better. Most of the dogs produced in the past 17 years have not gone on to produce offspring, the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association has 53 dogs registered as of this writing, and many of these dogs are not even alive, so we are definitely working with a diminished gene-pool.

Please help us save this rare and amazing breed. Support the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association and give consideration to keeping and breeding Scotch Collies. You can read a lot more about the colorful history of the Scotch Collie at www.oldtimefarmshepherd.org